Urethane Coatings

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Spray urethane coating is a relatively new technology. These coatings provide superior protection against friction, chemical attack, and weather. Due to their plastic elastomer nature, urethane coatings stay bonded to the coated object as they are flexible and will shrink or expand with the underlying object, unlike paint that lacks flexibility and will break its bond.

The Urethane is applied at 3,600 psi ensuring every nook and cranny is protected. The material can be formulated to be very soft and pliable or extremely hard and smooth. The working temperature range is very broad - up to 350°F, making it suitable for hot asphalt. Unlike paint that is prone to scratches and nicks, the inherent hardness and flexibility of the coating protects machinery against nicks and scratches, extending the life of the equipment.



Typical User

  • • Grain and seed processing
  • • Dump truck bodies - load release, impact and corrosion protection
  • • Asphalt equipment - for load release
  • • Tanks - protect against chemical attack
  • • Concrete tanks - protects the concrete, seals tiny cracks
  • • Machinery & equipment - superior weather protection and nick protection
  • • Railroad cars - abrasion and impact protection, load release
  • • Snow Plows - Release for greater efficiency and nick protection
  • • Fan Housings and Pumps - protection from abrasion or corrosive materials